Vermont Website Hosting

WordPress hosting is a specialty of Champlain Hosting. Personal support and advice are among the benefits you'll enjoy by using a Burlington, VT website hosting company. The number of tips and tricks of setting up a website can be overwhelming.

  • First you need a domain name.
  • How do you want to setup your email?
  • Do I need an SSL Certificate?
  • Wait, what the %@$# is an SSL Certificate?

First, check the knowledge base, which gets updated frequently. Second, just ask.


May 13th is out of business

If you have been affected by the closure of, please use the contact form to see if we can help. I have already reached out to several former clients of and have been able to help a few small businesses navigate the difficult situation. Those who registered their domains separately have been in much better ... Read More »

Jan 26th Buy your domains at

Starting in 2024, domains will no longer be sold here. Instead, we suggest you buy your domains at or Google Domains. You will still need to set your DNS settings to and Use the contact form to ask for help.

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