Buy your Website Hosting or Domain Name with Bitcoin using Coinbase

If you’re looking for something you can actually buy with Bitcoin (BTC), you’ve found a couple of options here. I know I can’t use BTC at any of my local grocery stores or gas stations, and you probably can’t either. Using it for everyday transactions isn’t something that’s going to happen any time soon, in my opinion. It’s up to businesses to start offering BTC as a payment option to get the mass adoption ball rolling. I’m doing my small part, and now you can do yours by purchasing your website hosting account and/or domain name from Champlain Hosting using BTC.

Champlain Hosting uses Blockonomics for its Bitcoin payment gateway. Think of it as a PayPal for Cryptocurrency.

Pay for website hosting with Bitcoin on Champlain Hosting

Paying with Coinbase

I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure how to do this at first. I haven’t really purchased anything using Bitcoin. I had only bought and sold cryptocurrency on Coinbase. Once I realized that “send” and “pay” are interchangeable terms, I was all set.

First, I went to me Bitcoin account an looked for the paper airplane icon in the upper right to “send” my payment…

Paying with Coinbase - Step 1


Next I needed to enter the amount. By default, my app showed the amount in USD, so I had to switch to BTC to enter the EXACT amount.  Tap on the up and down arrows to the right of the amount to switch currency types.


Next you’ll be asked where you want to send it. On Champlain Hosting, you will see a QR code when making your purchase. If you’re using your phone to do this, you can take advantage of this to avoid typing in the address. The tiny QR code symbol on the right side of the address line can be tapped to open up your camera. Just hold it up to the screen and it’ll lock in. Have your camera lined up before you tap it because it opens up pretty quick. If you want, you can also copy and paste the address that’s listed on the invoice/payment page on Champlain Hosting into your Coinbase app or webpage.




And that’s it. You’ll be paid up.

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